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Ibm, Skillsoft Team To Harness Big Data For Enterprise Learning

"We are working with Skillsoft to create new enterprise learning-based big data techniques that will drive personalized user interaction resulting in improved engagement. Our initial findings show insights that can make the learning experience customized to users' preferences and drive next-generation adaptive learning and integrated development." The market for data analytics continues to experience exponential growth as companies seek new ways to maximize performance using big data technology and analysis. In 2013, Gartner reported that 64 percent of organizations invested or planned to invest in big data technology . Skillsoft officials said the corporate learning market provides an ideal application area for big data analytics.As organizations continue to offer more online learning to their employees, they need to analyze which learning experiences are the most productive and apply that knowledge to continually improve business outcomes. "We are exploring new ways of leveraging data to boost learning outcomes," John Ambrose, senior vice president of strategy, corporate development and emerging business at Skillsoft, said in a statement. "With IBM's research scientists and technology, we now have the ability to holistically look at content interaction data and understand trends in user interactions and drivers of engagement.

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